Episode 2: with Karolina Ladino

Episode 2: with Karolina Ladino
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We interviewed Karolina Ladino to hear about how she started learning Python, and becoming involved with the Python community in Colombia.

Karolina has a background in robotics engineer and a master’s degree in data analytics. She has been working in the hardware industry and animatronics.

In this episode, Karolina shared some of the struggles and difficulties faced by women in Colombia, and how she helped shaped the community, making it safer and more welcoming so that more women could have the opportunities in the Python and tech communities.

We learned about Karolina’s mentor, Professor Olmer, who not only supported and encouraged her studies but also served as an inspiration for her to pay it forward by extending her support to other women.

To those who are still learning Python or want to switch their career, Karo shared many useful advices, so be sure to listen to the episode to learn from her!

Topic discussed

  • Introductions
  • Learning MicroPython in University
  • Her background in Robotics Engineering
  • Career as project manager and product manager
  • Python Colombia
  • Learning Python from the community and from online resources
  • Becoming involved with Python Colombia and PyLadies Colombia
  • The challenges faced by women in Colombia, and breaking that barrier
  • Mentorship and allies
  • Paying it forward
  • Medellin: the Silicon Valley of Latin America
  • Growth of tech community in Colombia
  • Advices and invitation to join your local Python community

Get to know Karolina Ladino

Karolina Ladino

Karolina Ladino

Karo is a Product Manager, robotics engineer, MSc Data Analytics, teacher, maker, and jeweler. She co-leads PyLadies Bogot√° and PyLadies Colombia initiative. She is part of Python Colombia and is a co-organizer of the PyConCo conference. She has more than 9 years of experience creating hardware for various disciplines. She loves working towards creating opportunities and spaces for personal and professional growth of people. In her free time, she draws and works on her jewelry project.

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